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Content Management for Clifford, Goosebumps, Captain Underpants and a world of characters

Scholastic needed a way help publishers and agents quickly find the rights information for the entire Scholastic catalog, across the world. Up until the point that they began working with me and Filtro, they had been hindered by poor and outdated web design and functionality. We set out to create a website that would not only be informational, but be easy to navigate and thoughtfully constructed for beauty and functionality.





Branding & identity design

UX design

Website Visual design

Project management

Client acquisition & relationship






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medium gray

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light gray

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color palette

The color palette we developed mixed together bright, warm colors and cooler neutrals. The wide swath of colors served as a nice reflection of the even wider swatch of content available on the website. It also did a great job of mirroring the vibrancy and excitement already well-associated with the Scholastic brand. We wanted the website’s colors to send a clear message to foreign publishers and agents arriving on our homepage, and that message was, “oh, the possibilities!”



What could be more important to a gargantuan catalog of written art than the fonts we chose to represent it? We went with Omnes, a playful, modern font with a wide range of weight options. On a website where licensing and legal rights were the thing users actually came to read, even the fine print needed to pop.


Scholastic’s main problem was that it was very difficult for foreign publishers to license books in other countries and in other languages. This was the big dilemma that our digital solution needed to solve. Through better ease of use and licensing capability, the hope was that Scholastic could increase sales and foreign partnerships, and take their international business to the next level.

Data, data, and more data

A large component of this project was to export 8000+ book titles, 4500+ rights data, 2000+ author and illustrator profiles, images, and a number of agent user accounts from the existing website. The key was careful planning. We meticulously compiled and exported all the text data into spreadsheets. From there, we scrubbed the data for inconsistencies that were to be avoided on the new website. We worked closely with Scholastic, sharing spreadsheets, looking at the data and prep it for importing. At the same time, we compiled all the images and other data. Once we were finished, we imported the data into the Drupal database.




rights data



Define high level functionality and requirements

Now that we knew what kind of content we’d be working with and what purpose that content would serve, we could begin deciding which kinds of functionality would best bring that content and the entire experience to life.

Strong ways to filter and search books, not only by expected criteria such as genre and age range, but you can find books based on region availability and rights granted. Cards

A consistent way to present rights and licensing information to each book.

Engaging landing pages to promote series contents and author pages

An easy to use way for other publisher to order books

Ecommerce *light*

In order to be a true solution, our website had to make it easy for agents to order books and potentially purchase the licensing rights for them. However, our website’s purpose was not for actual payment processing, so we jokingly referred to it as “ecommerce light.” Once logged in, agents would simply have the ability to add and place orders from the main website. (Want to see a complete ecommerce solution? Check out our other case study)


Scholastic’s brand was already well-established. But the look and feel for the Rights & Co-Edition Division needed to feel distinct. We took major insight and cues from the global brand style, but translated it into a visual language that better served this distinct purpose. We hope we made the big red dog proud!

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